Sunday, July 20, 2008

The search goes on...

We visited another church today - We agreed that this one doesn't even warrant another look. friends of ours go there and invited us and that is why we went. They obviously love it, but it is not for us.

One of the first things that is very important to me is Sunday school for all ages - all year round. I don't object if the programs are a little limited in the summer but it seems to me that if you have a congregation which was well over 300 that it wouldn't be that hard to get some substitutes over the summer - I was able to do it with a congregation of around 50. Satan doesn't take the summer off so I don't see why learning about God should.

Also one thing that was completely missing was worship. We were herded in like cattle and as soon as everyone was seated, the sermon started - no welcome, no announcements, no music just a sermon. The sermon itself was good enough. We agreed that it would have made a terrific Sunday School lesson, but as a sermon, it was lacking worship and thin on the teaching.

After the sermon, they had collection and then sang 3 (0nly 3) songs and that was it. I think I preferred the somewhat limited music of last week to the poorly led music this week. As I said no real invitation to worship and the sterility and size certainly didn't promote it either. We will not be going back there.

I am glad that my friends are happy there, but it is not close to home, and it is not for us.

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