Monday, April 25, 2011

Proofreaders wanted

My son uses a virtual school. Throughout the year they have opportunities to go on "live" field trips. There is one that he is not interested in doing - GROSS ANATOMY LAB TOUR at the UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO. I am rather sad because it sounds like it would be VERY interesting to me, but my son is not interested in the least. I don't think that they would appreciate a parent coming without a student.

The tour description follows: Each year we take tours through the lab where students and parents learn about the human anatomy guided by medical students. The HUMAN CADAVERS are donated by gracious people who wanted to help students with their medical careers. The University of Toledo opens these tours up for younger students as well and this is where you can be a part of this tour!

This sounds like it would be right up my alley but the better part is later in their letter. After the description of the tour they include this statement, "Students will receive goody bags from the University and a handy gift from OHVA for attending the tour"

Hmmmmm students touring basically a morgue and they will receive "goody bags" I can just hear it now.

"Hey mom look, I got a spleen!"

"That is terriffic, Johnny. What did you get Mary?"

" I got an an eyeball and a finger - I like the spleen better. Want to trade?"

Oops, my bad. they said that they would all be "handy" goody bags. I wonder whether it was the right or the left one.

Monday, April 4, 2011

April is here and spring is coming (although it is taking its good sweet time doing it) To honor springtime as something different than snow and cold I chose a different orientation for the card this time.
The paper I used is 9x8. when it is folded in half lengthwise, the card is 9 x4 - which means that it fits perfectly into a standard business size envelope. The large block is perfect for a larger stamp image or as I used, a wordsworth vellum sticker.