Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Greetings from DC

We are currently still enjoying our vacation. We have been busy, but that is what makes it fun. It also doesn't leave a lot of time for computer stuff - I prefer to live life not just blog about it so that is what I have been doing.

We set off for George Mason University on Sunday morning. The drive was peaceful and other than long we got to the university without any trouble - but it was then that the trouble started. We were at the wrong campus!

We got directions to the correct campus and dropped Eva off there and then set off for our hotel in Alexandria. We got settled in an just vegged the rest of the evening.

Monday morning dawned early as Emily started to cough at 5 in the morning. I got her up and we went to the hotel lobby as the guys were still sleeping. After a little girl time we got them up and had breakfast. We took the hotel shuttle to the Metro station. The most pleasant surprise of the trip lay in that ride. When we got into the van, the local Christian Radio station was on. And they were actually playing music, not just ads or talk! What really moved me though was the other family all began to sing as well. We were all singing and praising God. It was wonderful. We had, for the first time in ages, not attended church We were still able to get some worship in even if it was just in a van.

I took a few pics (imagine that) and we went to the air and space museum at the Smithsonian. What a lot to see! But as Emily and I had been up since the crack of dawn we decided to go back to the hotel. The hotel has a shuttle to the Metro and we waited for quite a while to get on it. When we got back to the hotel we realized that it was the wrong shuttle. They kindly took us back to the Metro station and eventually we ended up back at the hotel. Tom and the kids went swimming and I took a nap. We just grabbed a pizza and made a fairly early night of it.

That brings us to today. Tom arranged for a tour of the capital - which was pretty good. We also drove today. MUCH cheaper. The metro was $31. for 4 of us to ride and we are at the mercy of their schedules. Today we only paid $20 for parking and were literally just blocks from the White House were we met one of Tom's friends. We arrived when we wanted and left when we wanted. It is definitely the way to go.

We are meeting another friend tonight so I am off again.

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