Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen

My older daughter began attending Awana at Westlake Bible Fellowship 3 years ago. it was then that we met a truly amazing group of believers. WBF is a new testament church. They are not associated with any official church or denomination. They do not have any full time staff. They model their church after the church in the book of Acts. God is with them and they are doing an excellent job of following his lead.

We attended Awana at another church but they did hot have the junior high program. My daughter wanted to continue on so we found Westlake. Shorty after my younger daughter began attending there as well.

I didn't realize how much WBF had become part of my life. I would sometimes help with snacks or listen to verses. I began to know the people there and although was not all that close to any o them was comfortable with all of them.

In the fall of 2010 - partially because of our excitement about the Awana program - our home church, Trinity, began an Awana program of their own. However as was recommended by the missionary they did not start with a high school class. They were advised to "grow" one as the clubbers entered high school. My older daughter needed a high school class so we stayed at Awana at WBF even though Tom was the commander at Trinity Awana.

Starting in the fall of 2011 there will be a high school class at Trinity so the girls have chosen to attend there. It wasn't until I realized that I would not be seeing the people I have spent every Sunday night with for 3 years that I realized just how much I was going to miss them.

So the Awana awards ceremony this year was bittersweet. I knew that we would be back or VBS and were welcome to drop in any time. But I also made sure that I got pictures of Emily with her leaders at the ceremony