Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cooking Up a Challenge

I love using sketches, but I do not often make them. This one was an exception. I had made this one for the sketch challenge at Cooking up Creations. You can see the challenge here:
Even when I am the one who makes the sketch, I can't leave well enough alone. Of course when it came to making the LO I just can't follow directions with out doing something different. I used the sketch, but I turned it 90 degrees. So on the right is the layout made from the sketch.
Any way, come on over to the site and let me see what you can do with the sketch.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pneumonia is no fun

Ok, so I don't think that anyone would think that it is, but I just want to confirm that in fact it is not.
I am glad to say that the worst is over and that I am definitely recovering, but it is annoying at how long it is taking. I remember trying to get back into my walking routine which even before I got sick was not all that strenuous. I would walk between 30 to 40 min 5 days a week. That was before. Today I feel proud that after a week of trying I made it up ton 25 min today. I hate that it takes so long.
But I guess what matters is that I am recovering and getting a little more energy every day. The medications are all gone now and I am trying to move forward.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cards cards cards

It is that time of year - the only time I really think about cards. And just in time, Cookin' up Creations is having a whole month of card challenges - a different one for every day of the month.
This is the card that was made for the Nov. 2 Challenge. I was not much of a card maker before, but the challenges are great and who knows by the end of the month, I will not only have 30 new cards in my stash, but I think I will have developed a liking for making them as well. If it sounds like fun (and it really is) you can check out the details here:

54 days til Christmas

I know that in one way that seems like forever, but in another, it will be here in no time at all. I am not the type to start listening to Christmas music til after Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving gets lost in the Christmas rush and the true meaning of Christmas gets minimized) BUT this year I am making at least some of the cards that I am sending out. I can't wait til mid December to do that so I started this weekend. This is an example of what they look like.