Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The better to see you with...NOT

I have sadly come to the point in my life when I know that I am getting older. It is not the occasionally grey hair - I have had them as long as I can remember. It is not the spreading waist and the slowing metabolism - hate these but I can accept them. No - what has ticked me off is that I need bifocals.

So as if being dragged into middle age isn't bad enough Now I can't see anything. Partially I blame fashion. I mean really, how is anyone supposed to be able to see with the lenses the size of a grain of rice that is all trendy now. Maybe if I had a decent size frame they wouldn't bother me so much. But even getting the biggest frame I could the entirely if my vision includes the frame. And what is the worst is that right in the middle is that line for the bifocals. I actually like being able to see what I am reading. And the distance is about the same - but it seems as if where it is natural for me to look is exactly where the line is.

I am not happy, but I am not giving up this quickly either. I know that it will take some adjusting. My biggest concern is the migraines that this adjustment will cause. Things about my vision always trigger them - and what a surprise, getting bifocals has the same reaction. Or, maybe it is the tears of frustration that are doing that...

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