Wednesday, July 22, 2009

old home week

Tonight I went out with a group of ladies from my old church. One has moved to Iowa a number of years ago and was back in town visiting friends. The women's group from church decided to meet with her. It was nice to catch up. And the really great part was that Baker's Square was having free pie tonight so it was cheap too.

I thought it was appropriate that I had made this layout earlier today. The sanctuary was always so pretty, especially at Easter. The pictures were taken 5 years ago - long before we knew the future of the church.

Just as getting together with the ladies of the church was bittersweet so was the memories of my church home. The journalling under the picture says, "Lent is a time of reflection and preparedness for the coming Easter Season. This year Jim preached on preparing our hearts by dealing with some of the sin which was in fact the cause for the necessity of Christ’s death and resurrection.Each week during Lent the cross was used during the service to do just that. Confessions were nailed to it. Fears and failings were lovingly but seriously confronted. It was intense, but also the most moving Lent season ever experienced."
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