Sunday, July 19, 2009

Looking for food in the kitchen of someone who dosen't cook

I have been in that kitchen. Yes, there is food. No, I won't starve. BUT there is nothing to make a meal with. There are just random items, a jar of peanut butter, some cheese, a quart of orange juice and some garlic salt.

That is what looking for a church has been like. I am searching for spiritual food and all I get is a snack. There is nothing wrong with snacks, but it is not the meat that I crave either. There is no consistency when the menu changes every week. I get just enough to almost last me through the week but I am never really satisfied.

Every week is about the same. I look hopefully to Sunday. Will this be the church? Will this be the one where everyone will be content and fed? And so far, the answer is no.

The church we attended today was an example. It was just what I was hoping for - at least on paper. They had Christian education for everyone. The music was pleasant. The people were friendly and the sermon was Biblically based. It has all of that but it was only half alive. There was no meat there. Once again another Sunday morning and rather than being fed a meal which I could chew on most of the week I left only having had a snack that barely will hold me through the day.

Here is hoping that the menu will be more satisfying next week.

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