Sunday, July 12, 2009

Church Should NOT Hurt

Our "official" church search began again today. It has been a year since our church closed and although we have found a church that was "nice" we were hoping for something more so we are officially looking again.

The day started out nicely enough. The people were friendly enough. It is a small church, but we don't mind that. In fact, I would prefer a small healthy church to a large one. The kids all loved Sunday School. Timothy even liked it - he actually said "like" not just ok.

Unfortunatly that was about where the positive experience ended. The Sunday School Tom and I attended can be summed up best by Tom's description - it was like a trip to the dentist. Getting any one to say anything was like pulling teeth. But at least there was novicane. It was uncomfortable but it didn't hurt.

The same can not be said for the church service. That was like going to the dentist without any novicane. The sancturary was more the size of a chapel. It was approximatly 20 feet by 40 feet. I don't mind a small space in fact for the number of people there it fit. The problem lies with the sound system.

Going to church should not hurt. I don't mean that it is always comfortable. There have been times when I have been convicted of my sin and that is not comfotable. I have heard sermons that I swear were aimed directly at me. Once again I feel ill at ease, but I do not phiscally hurt. That was not the experience today.

The sound system which could have easily served a room 3 to 4 times bigger than the one it was in was cranked up to high. And the worst part is that there was no balance. I think that everything was just turned on to the max. The worst was the drum set. It wasn't just a snare and a bass but a full set. I really think that just about any rock band would have loved to have. It just about drowned out everyone else. Literally we could not hear any voices at all and the piano was drowned out entirely. The keyboard and the gituar were putting up a fight to be heard but it was a loosing battle against the drums.

We were situated near the front so I couldn't see the reactions of the other people. But I did see both the daughter of the worship leader and the daughter of the minister sitting with their fingers in their ears. It was so loud that it was actually painful. I am all for exuberant worship, but this was not worship at all - it was just playing Christian songs as loud as possible. I may be wrong but I know that the last thing on my mind was worship. I just wanted to stuff something in my ears so I wouldn't be deaf before the service was over.

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Anonymous said...

LOL Oh my! I think I have been to that church too! LOL
The one I went to started with a dry no participation adult Bible Study, the WAY too loud music for such a small space, and old pews that were very hard to sit in (not made for short people)I couldn't sit forward because they were slippery and slanted backward and I had a hard time sitting back because my feet would not touch the ground! LOL
The redeeming quality there was that the pastor was a great teacher. So it was worth the previous torture. Maybe it was just a bad day and the sound man was missing.