Sunday, August 17, 2008


We began our search for a new church in July - which is summer and admittedly not the best time to look for a church. But we have had some of the worst luck looking. We have yet to see a "typical" service. Either the minister is on vacation that week or what has been more likely is that there is something "special" going on. The funny (and rather sad) thing is, when we hit these special Sundays almost everyone apologizes for them. To me, if they decide to do it, do it but if you feel you need to apologize for it, then maybe you shouldn't do it.

Ok enough of my soap box for now. We had another one of those "special" Sunday services today. But at least they were excited about it and didn't apologize.

The church we visited was one that was not new to us. I visited that as a child. I visited the Awana program there too. It was because of that I knew about Awana and were able to send my kids there - where they have been attending for 10 years in the fall. So to sat this was a new church is not accurate. The church split about 5 years ago and many of the member left. So we have been attending the Awana program longer than many of the current church members. No, new is not one of the names I would call this church.

One of the things that we are looking for in a church is Sunday school for EVERYONE on Sunday morning. To me Sunday school is where I have learned most about my faith. It is smaller and unlike in a sermon I can ask questions. I find that has been a BIG help in my spiritual journey. I am just astounded at the number of churches who don't think that adults need it. They have kids Sunday school, but unless you want to go to women's group on Wed, or men's group on Fri, or Bible study on Sat. morning there is no adult religious teaching. I don't think that these things are wrong, but I just don't want to have to go to church 4 days a week for the family to attend. Another pet peeve of mine is that there is no Sunday school in the summer. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't' remember anywhere it says that Satan goes on vacation from Memorial day weekend to Labor day weekend.

This church did have Sunday school - quite a variety. The kids went to their age appropriate classes and Tom and I chose from about 5 adult classes the one on James. Now James is one of my favorite books so I was really looking forward to it. That was till class started. I felt like the class was being taught by Professor Binns from the Harry Potter series. This man just droned on and on for an hour. I couldn't wait to leave. So I know that if we ever go back, I will not be attending any of his classes again.

The real surprise came with the worship service. Evidently they have had a series of messages on marriage. And today was special because during the service anyone who wanted to could renew their marriage vows. So with no planning afore though we did. It was really rather sweet and moving, but I think had we known we were going to do it for more than 15 minutes before it happened we might have got a little more out of it.

I will say that it was one of the better messages we had heard and that was a nice change so some. And maybe we might go back (besides when Awana starts in a few weeks). I am sure that given enough time I might even feel comfortable there, but I just don't feel the spark that is totally undefinable that says "this is home". I felt that in my last church and I am aware that just like true love, there may only be one, but at least for now, I want to keep looking.

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twinsand2boys said...

Have you ever tried a LDS church? They have sunday school for adults too.