Friday, August 22, 2008

NOT a happy camper

I had my surgery on 8/12. I think I can call it a success. My wrist is doing much better. I still am having issues with my tennis elbow, but I have heard that this takes a long time to heal. So to comfort myself as there is so much I can not do (get my hand wet and not pick up anything heavier than a quart of milk are the two that are the most limiting) I console myself by scrapping.

I was scrapping this morning. That in itself is a good sign. For years I couldn't even think of picking up any scrapping stuff til after 10 in the morning. My hand would just not function before then. I was scrapping at 7! I was feeling really good - and really enjoying myself until Eva came along.

Just about a year ago Eva broke her toe. There is really nothing that can be done for a broken toe other than to stay off of it and let it heal. So for 6 weeks I enforced what the doctor had said and wouldn't allow her to run or jump or take games at Awana for that period of time.

This morning, it came back to haunt me. I had just finished a page - a page with stitching on it none the less! I showed it to Eva.

She said, "You just had surgery on you wrist 10 days ago. You shouldn't be scrapping. You wouldn't let me run for 6 weeks."

Now I don't know if I should be scrapping or on the computer at all. The doctor didn't say anything either way so I am just playing it smart. I try, and if it hurts I stop or if I get tired, I quit. And there is NO WAY that I could go 6 weeks without scrapping.

I was not in a great mood after my 11 year old was playing the mom card on me. Then the doctor called. I was to go in on Mon. to get the bandages off and see what progress I have made. I can't wait. Just to be able to wash both my hands and get this frayed and grungy wrapping off my wrist is what I am looking forward to the most. That was til the doctor called and said that he had to cancel that appointment, could I come on Wed. instead. That means another 2 days of not being able to bathe or get dressed without assistance. As I said, I am NOT a happy camper right now.

I think I need to go scrap to let off some steam...

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