Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doctors and Dragons

I was not impressed with the way the day started but fortunately it ended much better than it started.

I noticed that my arm was hurting about the end of April. We had a beautiful day and went to the park. We took Lady with us. I held her most of the time and she was pulling on my arm. After that, it just wouldn't stop hurting.

So the middle of May I went to see our doctor. She said that the pain was most likely from my carpel tunnel syndrome - which I have had for years, but had just begun to get worse. She gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and said come back in 2 weeks.

Two weeks later was the end of May. I went back and she gave me a recommendation to see a neurologist. The earliest appointment was for the beginning of July. So what choice did I have but to wait. Which I did. So July 8 was my test. What a surprise - it showed that I had carpel tunnel syndrome. I knew that from the test I took 7 years ago! The neurologist said that he would send the results to my primary doctor in 7 - 10 days.

Fourteen days later I called the neurologist again to ask where my test results were. The answer was lost somewhere between doctor's offices. I had them mail me a copy that I received the next day. So with results in hand and the day before I was to leave for DC I went to my doctor to get a recommendation for a different neurologist to do the surgery.

My doctor called the second neurologist and made a tentative appointment for August 4. I was told that the Doctor would call and confirm. Knowing that we would be on vacation I gave the cell numbers. I had now been waiting 3 months and I was not going to miss the call.

Of course, no call came. I though that there might be a message on the machine at home - but when we arrived home, no such luck. I figured that I would just call my doctor and get the information for the neurologist. Except that she was out of town, and wouldn't be back til Monday. That was cutting it close but what choice did I have?

So Monday morning dawned and I called my doctor -who was still not back! I knew that the appointment was on the 4th, and I thought it was at 11:00, but all I could remember was that the neurologist's name started with a P and I had never known were the office was. It took 6 phone calls to my doctor's office, her answering service, and finally the neurologist to confirm the appointment and find out the details.

But now only 4 months after going to the doctor, I finally have my surgery date set for next Tuesday. And the reason I went to see the doctor was because my elbow hurt. Yes, my wrist hurt, but my elbow hut more, was only half caused by the carpel tunnel syndrome - I have tennis elbow too.

So after the morning's odyssey of doctors and stuff I needed a break. I went shopping for scrapbook supplies. I was very pleased to find an album that will be perfect for my vacation pictures. So I am off and scrapping (at least as much as my arm will let me)

Todd has been asking when we wanted to role play. It has been years since I had done it, even longer since Tom played, Timothy is just getting started and Eva had never played at all. August is a slow month for all of us so Todd came over last night and we rolled up characters and started a new game. I remember playing an how much I enjoyed it. That had not changed. When I put a halt to the game at midnight I think we had all had a great time. We are playing again tonight too.

But what was really amazing is what I learned afterwards. I went upstairs for my time with the Lord after playing. I had a great time, but after just a few minutes with Him, I realized a new perspective. As much as I like to play the game, when scheduling gets tight or other things come up, I can leave the game and really not miss it much. What I realized is that is how I felt about the game, but that was NOT how I felt about Him. No matter what, I will not miss or give up my time with Him. It was just another realization of just how much I have come to love and depend on Him - and that was something that I was not thinking about. I am glad that I made the discovery.

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Amy said...

So,what kind of role playing game did y'all play, Kimberly?