Friday, August 15, 2008

One MAD mom

That is what I am mad and scared!

The house that is next door is a rental property and with one exception the people who have lived there are the type that I would not choose to live next to...the crazy bi-polar woman, the juvenile delinquent, the shoplifter, the people who owned 13 pit bulls, and the drunk. Not a parade of high society - but I at least tried to be friendly to all of them, and at this point, I would gladly take any of them back as opposed to who is living there now.

Our new neighbor is a convicted rapist and a child molester. He has served 8 years in prison for raping 2 girls - ages 6 and 11. THOSE ARE THE AGES OF MY DAUGHTERS!!!!!!!!

I would love to pick up and move, but that is not an option. I am hoping that being that it is a rental, that maybe he will not be there that long. But til then how we live has totally changed. I can no longer let my kids play unattended in out fenced in back yard. There will be no leaving them at home while I just run to the store. Just at the age where they were gaining some independence I have to take it all away for their own safety.

I know that he has "served his time". And I know that everyone has a right to live somewhere. I just wish that he were not right next door to me. We have another offender on the street and though I don't like it, they are not next door so I just live with it.

So here I am, scared and angry and not sure what I am going to do.


Amy said...

Big hugs, Kimberly!! I will definitely be praying for your safety & just that he will move on sooner than later!

jules said...

OMGosh you poor thing I hope that your girls understand why you are taking these measures.We had an offender move in to our neighbour hood and through protests and fear for his life he was put under police protection and then they moved him on.I hope and pray for you and your family.Maybe you shoould borrow someones big dog...Hopefully he will be gone soon. From Jules over at scrapping outback see someone does look at your blog lol..