Monday, February 6, 2012

These pages were made for the Next Crop Chef non-elimination challenge. The requirements were
Here is your first challenge "recipe":

Your ingredients -- remember , you must use EACH one:
Punched shape(s)
Photo(s) of your pet or an animal
Dotted patterned paper

And this special ingredient:
a bottle cap or something metal (if you use a bottle cap, I'll give you an extra participation point)

And you must use these techniques:
double mat your photo(s)
make photo corner(s) out of ribbon (here are a couple of tutorials -- ... ibbon.htmlor ... ibbon.html)

The journalling says:

Hope Nicole was not my first choice for a kitten. I had done a Pampered Chef show and brought home her sister, Angel. There was a tragic accident and Angel died. So I brought home Angel’s sister who looked exactly like her. We named her Hope.

She was beautiful and very graceful. She could be found just about anywhere – including on top of open doors or walking across the curtain rods to get from one side of the room to the other. When now prowling around the house, she could often be found attacking and playing with her tail.

Hope was not a cuddly cat. She didn’t care to be hugged or handled. However she had an amazing sense of empathy. If someone was sick (and it didn’t matter who) she would stay with them in bed for as long as they were there. If someone was crying, she would rub up against them and purr trying her best to comfort them.

Hope was always a skinny little cat. Because she was the smallest, she was spoiled. She was treated with table scraps. Cheese was one of her favorites.

In the middle of the summer we noticed that she had lost interest in getting her table treats. She was getting even skinnier. We took her to the vet and found that she had untreatable liver disease. We had to send her to heaven on August 1, 2011.

It is amazing how much we miss out “Baby Girl”. Things around here just don’t seem the same without her chirpy meow or her habit of sleeping with me under the covers. We miss her so much. Even months later, we still feel the loss.

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