Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A challenge

I am applying for a design team position at Sarapdango. I hope I get it because I really like the site and I think that it would be a good fit. I just mailed off my application so now it is just a waiting game.

One of the requirements for the application was to create an original challenge and then make a layout to fit the challenge. Here is my challenge:

"Pick a card, any card"

Choose a card from a deck of playing cards (You remember what you used to play solitaire with before we had computers) or if you are too young for that you can choose one from here:

Add the embellishment according to suit:

clubs = flowers

spades = metal

hearts = some sort of chipboard shape (square, heart, circle etc.)

diamonds = bling

If you drew a number 1 - 5 then that is the number of pictures that you need to use

if you drew a number 6 - 10 then that is the number of embellishments you need to use. They do not need to be the same thing, but it could be for example if I have a 8, I could use 8 flowers or 3 buttons, 2 stickers, and 3 brads.

If you drew a jack then include at least 40 words of journalling

If you drew a queen then you need to use at least 3 different patterned paper.

if you drew a king you need to use some sort of stamping.

Now that you are done with the front of the card, use this card back as inspiration:

I drew the 9 of hearts. Hearts meant that I had to use chipboard shapes. I used the 2 small circles with the date on them. I also chose the number 9 so I used 9 flowers as my embellishments. Here is the layout I made:

So now you get the idea. Grab a card and give it a try.

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