Wednesday, January 25, 2012


One of the steps on the diet is 20 min (I break it up into 10 in the morning and 10 a night) of calisthenics. So this morning I attempted to sit up (I never could do those), followed by crunches, push ups, knee bends and jumping jacks. It is a sad testament to know how sore I am right now. I knew I was over weight, but I have been attending Curves regularly (Ok, pretty regularly - about 300 times in the past 2 years) and I honestly thought that I was in semi-decent shape. That delusion was shattered as I tried to do just 2 min. of each of the exercises.

I am making other progress though. I have a daily weight chart in the bathroom. Talk about motivation. It is right there on the wall for everyone to see. If that doesn't keep me on track, nothing will. I have also dug out a water bottle and keep it by me most of the time to keep drinking that water.

I am off to a good start, but I am still looking for a diet buddy so I guess that is next on my list.

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