Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ok, confession is food for the soul, or so I have heard it said. It is that time for me.

In 2009 I was have a very successful time watching my weight, but then life happened. I had lost 40 pounds bur lost interest/motivation to loose any more. I spent the next year inching my way back up the scale. I guess the good news is that I didn't gain all 40 back, but I did gain more than half it it back.

So here I am again. I want to loose weight, and I need to as well. I do not have medical insurance so I figure that I better be in the best shape I can be to be as healthy as I can be. In reality, that means I need to loose at least 50 pounds, but I would like to loose 60 even better. However, I don't know that the 60 is reason able so I will see what is reasonable once I get closer to the actual goal. (By loosing 50, I would be within my BMI and 60 would put me at the lowest end of it)

I have done this so many times that I know what to do, it is just a matter of doing it. I know a number of programs etc. I know what works, I just have to put the candy down and get to the gym. However I did pick up a book from the library (I am not silly enough to actually buy a weight loss book when I can get them at the library for free). It is called The Flex Diet and it lists a number of things that may help loose weight - blogging was one of them. Being that I had a blog I figured that it wouldn't hurt to try it. (Not to mention, I doubt that anyone would actually read it but it is there if someone wants to)

So here I am, again. Wish me luck

So here we go (again)....

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Amy said...

Kimberly, we can be accountability partners if you want. I'm NOT 'dieting'......will never 'diet' again. Because to me a diet is something you do for a while & then stop. I just want to make some healthier lifestyle changes. One tool that I have found to be SO helpful this time around is 'Myfitnesspal'....http://www.myfitnesspal.com/. It's totally FREE & you can record what you eat, recipes, exercise, etc.