Saturday, January 14, 2012

ATC Challenge

At Cookin' up Creations they are having a "use up your stash" challenge this month. The challenge on 1/5 was to make ATC. Now I knew what they were, but not knowing anyone I could really exchange them with, I had never bothered making them. However I stepped up to the challenge.

I made four of them. One was for each of my children. The fourth was for a friend of my duaghter's. We pick her up and take her to church with us most Sundays. On the front was their name and something that sort of fit their personality. On the back was a Bible verse which I chose for each of them.

Here they are:

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Sonoma Harvest said...

Good for you to be scrapping and blogging and with a sincere purpose for God! Blessings to you!