Friday, March 26, 2010

One Sketch, Two Pages

One of the members of the Design Team, Robin Wade, made this sketch. They were running a contest thereto make a page using this sketch. It was one of my favorite kids of contests - the kind where you can enter multiple times. I managed to get 2 entries done.
This was my first entry. Eva's friend, Rose went with us when the youth group at church went sledding. They got rather silly. They exchanges coats, hats and one boot ?!? The journalling says: The kids Club at Trinity Church went sledding on President's Day 2010. Rose, Eva's best friend came with us. Eva and Rose has a lot of fun beyond just riding the sleds. The switched coats, hats and for reasons beyond my comprehension, one boot. They had fun and I guess that is what really matters.
I wanted to make a second entry as well but I never seemed to have the time. Then it was crunch time. It was the last day and I had literally an hour to make a second layout so I challenged myself and did it. I managed to get it done too. I am proud that the embellishments are hand made (Thank heavens for die cutting machines). I am finished but even better, I am very pleased with the results. I was able to scan and upload this at just the 9pm deadline. Now it is just a waiting game to see if I am able to win the prize. I have already won with the fact that I have two more pages made, but the prize would be nice too.

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