Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's Official

Emily has wanted to be baptized for quite a while. However, being that we were looking for a new church home that was not really practical. We didn't want to have her baptized somewhere and then never come back there so she patiently waited.

We found our new church on the first Sunday in Advent in 2009. We knew that is where we wanted to stay. As soon as we made it official Emily asked to be baptized. On February 28, 2010 she being the youngest of the 6 children and youth was able to make her public appearance as a Christian.

When Jeff, the minister, asked her why she wanted to be baptized she answered, "Jesus is in my heart. He has taken my sin away. I want to show the world that by being baptized."

"What is sin?" Jeff asked.

Little 8 year old Emily responded, " Sin is anything you do think or say that is not what God wants" Pretty wise for a little girl.

Now it is official. Emily is the first member that church in 2010. And she is now not only my lovely daughter but my sister in Christ.


Tammy Folk said...

I'm very happy for you and your family Kimberly....way to go Emily!

trisha too said...

That's wonderful! What a blessing.