Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Worshiping his way

Kids are amazing - and I don't mean just mine. They are wonderful, special creations of God. If I take the time and look then I can learn so much from them. I love it when the child shall lead them all.

We are at a new church and there are many people that I still do not know. Sunday there was a little boy I don't know the age but I would guess he was about 3 who wandered up the aisle. We were singing Great is Thy Faithfulness and he was just so into it.

Where the aisle met the front is where he stopped and started dancing with sheer joy. He was just content to worship by dancing and clapping and praising the Lord in the best way he knew how. What a lesson. How often do I get all stuffy in church. I mean really it is a totally awesome God that I worship why do I feel as if I have to sit there as if I were in a straight jacket? It was so refreshing to see this little child worship the Lord with all he had - and VERY inspiring to me.

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