Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sometimes I think I live in a zoo

I guess by now it is obvious that I love to scrapbook. Which is good because I do. However as I was making some pages this month I noticed that my animal side was coming out.

Emily loves Beauty and the Beast. She was given a Belle dress last year and whenever it is time to dress up she wants to be Belle. But what would Beauty be without her Beast - the answer is of course she needs a beast. She decided that one of her teddy bears, Cookie, would be her beast.
Animals surround me. We have a dog and three cats and a few more strays that seem to find our house very inviting. With that many animals I guess that it was natural for Eva to want to be a cat for Halloween.
Here is an example of the real wild life. Eva was able to snap this picture of a little thief. It is just so cute. How could I stay angry at this little guy?

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