Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Homesick

It seems as if it was ages ago but in reality it was not that long ago when our church had an early morning service as well as the regular service. At that time I was working in the nursery during the second service so I got to attend the first one. One of the things that I liked best was the contemporary music. There was one song in particular. "The Cry of my Heart" that Jim would play on dull grey mornings - which in Cleveland, we get more than our share. This arrangement was very upbeat and had a steel drum solo. That song more than any other is the one I remember from those services.

Today the church we attended used that same song, but a different arrangement. I was in tears with homesickness. I just want to be at home in my church. I am tired of looking for a new church. I am tired of not fitting in. I am tired of not knowing any one. I just want to go home!


Gina said...

*hugs* I'm so sorry it was a rough morning. I'm praying for you.

scrappygal said... that just makes me put my sad face on..really. I do know how it feels to not be in a place to call your own. You sound lonely. I know that it isn't the same,but..hang out on the board and we can all comfort one another in our own times of need. Hang in there.......