Wednesday, September 3, 2008


If you have read any other posts here, you know that this is a personal blog. I am chronicling things that happen in my life - the search for a new church or my kids school. Certainally they are not the only things I do, but they are the things I do that are mine. I have seen other blogs that follow sports, cars or scrapbooking and this is not one of them. But I do interact with the rest of the world (at least occasionally) so now this blog is, at least for today, stretching out to what else I do.

So I am attempting to post a layout here that I made for a challenge at ASF. I am just so pleased with the way it turned out that I want to share! Timothy took this picture at Camp Koinonia this summer. I loved the picture, but I just didn't know quite what to do with it. Then something hit me - a path - the way. Jesus said, "I am the way" well after that the layour virtually flew together.
It was then that I noticed how my life is so much like my layout. I stumbled around in the dark for year - thinking everthing was just fine. Then, I found him - Jesus - my Savior. I certainally have not reached my destination, but now I KNOW that I am on the right path - and that I am not alone. Please, come along with me on that journey.

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Amy said...

Such an awesome LO, Kimberly. That verse goes perfectly with the photo.