Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tribute to Mom

Mother's Day is one of those awkward days for me. I never quite know what to do.  I lost mom 6 years ago so If I want to spend Mother's day with mom, it is in the cemetery, not at  home or in a restaurant. 

I am a mom myself, but I also homeschool my kids which means that I am with them just about all the time.  My idea of a Mother's day treat for me is to get away from my kids and at least for a few hours get to act like I am not a mom.

I was going through some old pictures and I found some of my mom's kitchen right after it had been remodeled.  Mom, like me, didn't like to have her picture taken but was proud of the work she had done in her kitchen.  so I thought it would be a fitting tribute to mom to shoe off her work and remember some of the times spend in that kitchen. 

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