Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crop for Mother's Day

First let me say that I LOVE my kids.  I would do anything for them and often put their needs and desires before my own.  However, especially with the fact that I home school them, I am with them almost all the time.  Every year, I have the same request for Mother's day - to get away from my kids.  I was able to do that this year on Saturday.  I went to a crop for 13 hours - with no kids!  I relaxed and enjoyed and was pretty productive making 8 pages a card and a make and take.  Here is some of my work 
 It is difficult to see but the kids are singing "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho" At the end they all fell down.  (That is the picture on the right) also the lyrics wrap around the picture with the words "falling down" are doing just that.
 Playing with my camera to get a pic of the lily.  It is not a rub on or digital editing, but a simple overlay
 This is my youngest reciting John 1:1 (which is in the circle) in front of the congregation on Sunday Morning as part of the end of the Awan year
 I had these pictures for ages, but as I am on the Scrapdango team, I have been trying to use their products, but there was nothing that ever matches so I gave up and just did it with things from my stash.
 I did learn a lesson this weekend.  I brought almost everything scrappy which I own.  That was good because I used most of it.  However the next time, the Crucut is staying at home.  There were at least 6 people there with cricuts and everyone wanted to share - not only the machine, but any cartridges as well.  I used the Thanksgiving cartridge to make the title for this one.
 The journaling on this says: Our house is old and drafty so in the winter we all have suggies to keep warm. Mine is the pink one. When I am not using it, I keep it folded on the couch - or I try to. Whenever it is there, Copperfield chews, paws and eventually sleeps on it..
One of the many theme nights for Awana this year was "Silly Hat Night"  We had grilled a pineapple and Emily took the top and decorated it with flowers. She won the award for the most silly hat in her age range.

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