Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coffee Can Card Holder

Growing up my mom had one of these that she used to display Christmas cards. I don't know what happened to it, but when I had to come up with something to make for a design team challenge I thought I would make my own.

coffee can or other large can
cardstock (optional)
yarn or string
hot glue gun
flowers or other embellishments

The first part is the hardest - finding a can of the right size. We are not coffee drinkers, and even if we were, coffee no longer comes in cans - so I found out much to my surprise. I ended up using a large soup can. I covered it with carstock using a glue gun. (you do not need to cover it, but I wanted to because I like the look.

The next step is to anchor the string or yarn on the inside of the can. Once again, I used hot glue.
The next step is to wrap the string around the can covering the top and the open end. It does not need to be perfect but try and cross in about the same place each time. How much string you use is up to you. The more you use, the more cards you can hold and the less of the base will be visible.
When wrapped to your liking, tie a knot at the bottom. Dab with some hot glue to make it secure. Embellish the top as you see fit.
To use, slide the card under one of the strings and display.

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