Saturday, November 1, 2008

So much life

Life - that is what has been happening and being fairly new to blogging, and not yet set in my ways, the blogging has slipped - but I am catching up (at least a little) now

In my defense, I went about 2 weeks without a computer or access at home to the Internet - neither of which are conducive to blogging.

On October 16 I was zoning out and watching the only show I watch on TV - CSI. I noticed that the light was flickering. I figured that the bulb was just burning out. Then I noticed that the light was flickering in the other room too. As I was looking around I noticed "fireworks" in the back yard. That was just before the transformer on the pole shorted out leaving us powerless for the rest of the night and putting just too much strain on our computer and killing it.

We were a week without the main computer so we were living in survival mode. I used the lap top for school, but that was about all I was able to do. We got the computer back on the 19th and live was good again.

It didn't stay that way though. Another transformer on the same pole decided that it too was time to die, but unlike its predecessor it wasn't content to just send out a few sparks. No, this one actually sent flames up and down the phone line. So n0 the 20th less than a day after getting our computer back and running, the phone lines were burned. So although we had a computer, we couldn't do anything with the Internet til that was fixed. We finally got back and completely up and running on the 24th. Well of course there was alot of catch up to do - Tom with work and the kids with school. So there was not opportunity to blog for me.

Add to the above scenario scouts, awana, and a trip to the art museum and my days were pretty full. But now, at 4 in the morning, I can finally get on the computer and do what I want to do - and blogging is it.

AND the reason that I started the blog was to chronicle our search for a church. We began at the start of the month going to The Orchard. This was a second time back and we wanted to give it a month or so and see how it feels. Well, we are giving it more than a month. We are not committing to anything right now long term, but we will be here through the rest of the year. Emily was asked to be in their Christmas program and Eva is working on a project with the youth group so we will stay long enough to give the kids an opportunity to do what they want. I figure after months of being dragged from church to church letting them actually get involved is not a bad thing. So with a few planned weeks off, we are staying at The Orchard through at least the 14th of December.

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