Sunday, November 30, 2008


Yesterday was just one of those days - not really bad but everything my kids did got on my nerves. How hard is it to turn off the light, close the door, or flush the toilet. Well yesterday it was virtually impossible for any of them to do anything.

I had a Pampered Chef meeting to attend in the late afternoon and I decided to "run away" after it. I just left a message with Tom saying not to expect me for dinner and I would be home when I got there.

After the meeting, I went to church. Now I have in the past, and I guess being that I still have the keys, still could taken sanctuary to get away from the world at my church. But being that it is closed I didn't feel right doing that. One of the churches that we visited - the first one in fact - had started a service at 6pm on Saturday night. The time is awkward, but I did want to go sometime. And last night was the perfect opportunity so I did.

Today in the church we have been attending for a while now we sang the song "Sanctuary" and it was then that I realized that sanctuary was just what I was looking for last night. And I realized that I found it too. It wasn't the building or even the service but just that time to go away and be with God that filled me and set me straight again.

I love my family. We are together just about all the time 24/7. I am a very introverted person and at times, I just need to be alone and that was what I did last night. But it wasn't til I heard the song in church this morning that I realized that I wasn't being selfish or wrong, but I was just doing what I needed to do.

So here is a lesson learned I need time for sanctuary and it is not wrong to take it once in a while.

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