Monday, May 9, 2011

Something New

I have been scrapping for well over a decade and it still amazes me the way that this hobby keeps evolving. I am still learning how to do new and different things. I had read about shaker boxes for years, but until I was challenged to do one, I had never bothered. The challenge had a very nice tutorial that I read over but then typically, I went and figured out how I could do it myself.
By far the hardest part of making this shaker box was to get the "filling" I knew that I wanted the parts of a watch (or something that looked like it) I had an old watch that would fit the bill, but I had to pry the back off and take it apart without watchmakers tools. Holy Cow! Those screws are small!

To make the shaker box I used a Tim Holtz stamp that had a distinctive part in it - that was my base for the box. In this it was the smaller circle within the clock.

I stamped another image of the clock on the same paper and then cut out the circle and its center leaving me with a ring.

Using that ring, I cut a piece of clear acrylic and adhered it to the top of the ring. I adhered the acrylic over the ring.

Once all the pieces were made, I used my hot glue gun to trace the small clock on the stamp. While it was still wet, I put in my cogs and gears. I then gently pressed the ring onto the stamped image. I didn't want to press too hard because of course it was the glue that was making the sides of the box and giving the whole embellishment dimension.

After it dried I put a layer of stickles over the ring and I had my perfect embellished shaker box.

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