Saturday, February 28, 2009

Times they are a-changin'

Almost 15 years ago Tom began to sell cars. That in it self has been an economic challenge for the entire time. There have been some good times, but even more so there have been even more lean times - and as you can imagine this is one of the leanest.

A friend of ours recommended Tom when his company needed a new salesman. Tom applied and was hired. But hired into an industry he knows very little about.

All the employees there have training so Tom is no exception. The training is in Toledo and will last for 2 weeks. I am sure that he will do great. Product knowledge is his speciality. Tomorrow he leaves.

That leaves me at home with the kids and no more "usual". In truth, this week is normally the auto show which always raised havoc with the schedule so although it is a little different and a little longer maybe it isn't that unusual after all.

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